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Nathan's Fearless Five


As a young jazz clarinetist, Nathan is deeply passionate about the rich history of jazz, its birthplace, New Orleans, and the well-being of its musicians and culture-bearers. The challenges posed by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and numerous hurricanes in 2021 have made it an exceptionally difficult year for these individuals, many of whom are not covered by the American healthcare system. Nathan was committed to playing his part in “making the world a less painful place.  "Nathan's Fearless Five" was established with the primary aim of raising funds for the New Orleans Musician's Clinic through a live, New Orleans-style jazz concert.

Drawing from his experiences, including organizing a couple of well-received Zoom concerts for 8th-grade teachers during the pandemic and being an apprentice clarinetist in the renowned Clint Baker's New Orleans Jazz Band, Nathan gained the confidence to initiate a youth band, "Nathan's Fearless Five," in September 2021, shortly after starting high school at Carlmont. His jazz bandmates wholeheartedly embraced the idea, sharing the common vision that health equity is a fundamental human right.

The inaugural live concert, titled "Jazz for Ida," took place in the Quad (courtyard) during lunchtime on October 8, 2021, at Carlmont High School. It marked the very first student-led, live concert held in the school's courtyard. The concert received a positive response from both students and teachers, and the band's GoFundMe initiative successfully raised over $1,800 for the New Orleans Musician's Clinic.

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