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About Me

Nathan Tokunaga is a young clarinetist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in classic jazz. Michael Steinman of Jazz Lives aptly noted, "Nathan quickly showed himself an adult in every conceivable way except the number on his birth certificate." The musicians who encountered Nathan for the first time were, in Steinman's words, unequivocally "blown away."

Steve Pistorius, Pianist, New Orleans

"I have to say, I’ve been doing this for almost fifty years professionally, and I’ve worked with some of the greatest clarinetists in the world. This fifteen-year-old young man, Nathan, is playing at a level I’ve seldom heard the depth of understanding of New Orleans Jazz as I’ve heard coming out of that horn of anybody." 


Evan Christopher, Marc Caparone, Nick Rossi, Clint Baker, and many more

Worked with Anat Cohen and Wycliffe Gordon at Stanford Jazz Camp 2022


Stanford Jazz lifetime Shape of Jazz to Come

Stanford Jazz Outstanding Soloist

Jazz at the Ballroom Scholarship

CMEA Solos and Ensembles, Superior

Big Bands & Orchestra

Stanford Jazz Miles Ahead Big Band, alto sax

College of San Mateo Big Band, tenor sax

Peninsula Youth Orchestra, principal clarinet

Bandleader of

Nathan's Fearless Five (high school band)

Nathan Tokunaga Quartet (professional band)


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